Modern Technology Company

Modern Technology Company (MTC) has been established in the West Bank & Gaza in April 1995, to undertake new ventures in the newly established state of Palestine.  MTC will focus on technology venture and products oriented towards specific segments of the medical market. The company CEO, Mr. Maher Bannoura has a long business experience in Medical and Technology transfer which will be useful in developing the Company’s business activities in the peaceful political climate between previously wearing states which will put a new and high demand on medical and Technology products and services. Traditionally, Jordan and the Gulf Countries contribution had been the “Gateway” to many of the market needs.  The company’s officers also have significant experience in contracting with government’s agencies in the Middle East. These contracts will develop into very favorable relationships in the Company's core business of distributing and servicing medical and technology products. The CEO Mr. Bannoura has moved to the West Bank from Washington D.C to undertake the leadership of MTC.