Representation of World Reputable Manufactures

MTC has the representation and cooperation rights of more than 120 Medical equipment manufacturers and world wide suppliers on top of them GE Healthcare, Codonics, iCRCO, Mindray, Matachana, Gima. MTC currently works with multiple customers world wide.  We are expanding our programs to include other than the product lines stated and to cover more customer needs.  MTC's services to its principles, includes assistance in the following:


  • Market Analysis
  • Research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Medical equipment packaging
  • Provide Product Promotion & Advertising



  • Facilitate Registration and Pre-qualifications
  • Provide Technical and Filling Information
  • Provide Logistical Support and Documentation



  • Assist in /Sales Forecasting
  • Provide Specialized Training for Sales Force and Management
  • Assist Dealers in Meeting Sales Targets
  • Ensure the Availability of after the Sale Service
  • Pre and Post Sale Logistical Support and Documentation



  • Obtain Information on Competitive forces
  • Gather Information on Tenders and Awards
  • Update client on Governmental Requirements
  • Keep up with changes in the Delivery System
  • Identify Budget Allocations Cycles
  • Obtain data on Demographics and Utilization of Services
  • Identify Donors and assist in the planning phase and tenders specs