Infinium Medical

infinium Medical is one of the most highly respected manufacturers of patient monitors and operating room equipment in the medical community. We put the needs of our clients and their patients first, because we understand that providing compassionate and effective health care is about more than just the equipment you use.


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Our products have a superior design, are easy to use, and cost effective; ensuring that every medical facility, regardless of size or budget, can have cutting-edge medical patient monitoring technology. We manufacture and distribute a variety of medical and patient monitors, surgical tables and anesthesia delivery systems with multiple capabilities. They are well suited for many facilities, from sub-acute care areas to high acuity hospital care areas, and their superior versatility and functionality makes them indispensable in nearly any scenario.

Our line of medical monitors is extremely feature rich and includes telemetry capabilities and anesthesia measurement. Our medical equipment provides consistent, reliable support at all times to ensure your patients receive the best care possible.

Patient Monitors

Infinium Medical has been manufacturing patient monitors and other medical technologies since 2001, and we have been progressively expanding our business ever since. Our patient monitor products, surgical tables and anesthesia systems are used throughout the United States and globally. Physicians consistently prefer our products because they are expertly engineered, user-friendly, and have the features necessary to support total patient care.