Labdex Ltd.

Quality is always the result of intelligent efforts. Our team is available round the clock which helps us to reduce, eliminate and prevent any kind of discrepancy which could spoil the nature of products. In addition to this, we provide complete installation and training guide to the customers. We assure that all our manufactured products are made in accordance with the current needs of the industry.

We give back to the community by conducting numerous product training programs and participate in many professional conferences, therefore maintaining corporate responsibility worldwide.

We have been accredited with certifications such as ISO 13485 certified rank, along with CE, ASTM, and GMP as per standard guidelines.

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Labdex Ltd. has been committed to providing premium quality Laboratory Equipment for a wide variety of applications. We are a pioneer in adopting advanced technology for manufacturing reliable, efficient and cost-effective products

Our products are a preferable choice for Life Science, Healthcare, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Education Institutes and Research Laboratories globally.

Our range of laboratory equipment includes Autoclaves, Laboratory Balances, Laboratory Centrifuges, Homogenizers, Laboratory Furnaces, Laboratory Incubators, Laboratory Shakers & 3-D Rockers, Microplate Readers & Washers, Mixers and Vortexers, Sample Concentrator, Spectrophotometers etc.