Mammendorfer Institut für Physik und Medizin – MIPM GmbH

The “Made in Germany” badge means that our products are in high demand worldwide and enjoy the reputation of being top quality.Our commercial focus is on our products. But our overall focus is on humans. True to our motto “HOMINUM SALUTI MEDICINAM EXERCENS”. For the good of man, in the service of medicine.


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The Mammendorfer Institut für Physik und Medizin (MIPM GmbH) was established in 1982. Michael N. Rosenheimer took over the company in the year 1988 as the sole shareholder. He significantly expanded it and built it up. The company’s headquarters have always been in the Bavarian town of Mammendorf to the west of Munich. While we were originally a service-focused company, we quickly specialized in a niche market for medical technology products: MRI-compatible products. Today, our company develops and manufactures the MRI-compatible patient monitoring screens TeslaDUO and TeslaM3 together with matching MRI-compatible accessories. Our products are distributed worldwide via an international dealer network.
MIPM is a medium-sized family-owned business headed by Jennifer Rosenheimer, the daughter of the company founder. All of our production and development takes place in Germany.