Our company was established over thirty years ago, owing to the knowledge and technical training in the hospital sector. At this stage, the manufacturing of products to aid medical staff in their duties and to better the quality of life of patient began. Medisa has adapted to the ever-increasing demands of the hospital sector, to such an extent that, not only are we leaders in our sector on a national scale, but we are also seeing exceptional growth internationally, something that motivates us to improve and achieve perfection. We currently export to over twenty countries.

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At Medisa, we are specialists in the design, manufacturing and sale of high technology products for hospitals, clinics and geriatric residences, namely hospital beds, maternity beds, ergonomic and gynecological chairs,treatment tables and emergency stretchers, to name but a few.
We are also qualified to train and consult medical staff in the correct usage of our equipment, providing them with all the necessary technical knowledge.