Puma Soundproofing

The future is before us, those who can seize and exploit the incredible possibilities that new materials, new technologies and new tools offer, combining them with passion, creativity and ability to innovate will have the keys to success. In light of this, Puma is working tirelessly to grow and improve its organization and its products in order to grant to its customers a durable relationship of mutual satisfaction.

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Puma was founded in Milan during 1970 by the interior designer Angelo Muselli who establishes the company headquarter at the the National Institute for Deaf-Mutes “Gerolamo Cardano” in Milan.

The chance encounter between Angelo Muselli and Eng. Otello Giovacchini, founder of company Mercury Acousticon and pioneer of the ENT market in Italy, let to the idea to design and manufacture the first removable soundproof booths (until then, there were only soundproof rooms in masonry).

The first Puma soundproof booth was created in 1973 and installed at the Civic Arena of Milan, on request of the Federazione Italiana Medici sportivi – the Italian federation of sports medicine – with the aim to perform audiometric tests on athletes.

The synergy between Puma, dealing with the design and manufacture, and Mercury, developing the commercial side, produces excellent fruits and soon Puma products are placed throughout Italy, some neighboring countries and Turkey.

In 1990 Fabrizio and Mauro Muselli, sons of the founder, joined the company and began a growth path that will lead them to occupy, respectively, the current role of Director of Production and Sales Director.

These new energies bring renewed goals at Puma’s horizons, starting to develop more simple, beautiful and performing products and expanding the distribution network with collaborations among which we can mention E.A.C., Euro Medical Audio, Aird, Decibel, Phonak AG, Phonak France, Diatec AG, Amplifon Italia e GN Hearing.

From 2012 Puma begins to develop its business abroad on a organized basis, and in only 3 years has managed to export in over 50 countries, accrediting so clearly among the leading manufacturers of soundproof booths in the ENT global market.