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Vieworks believes that investing in human resources directly translates to investing in fundamental competency. Thus, the company pays close attention to fostering outstanding talents. Not only does the company systematically support employees to lead projects regardless of positions but also implement the advanced organizational cultural elements. Such a self-motivated organizational culture has led the company to gain many of its achievements and is building today’s Vieworks.

The market is changing rapidly, and customer requirements are diversifying as well. Vieworks responds to such market demands with ceaseless technological development and continuously strives to lead the market with innovative products that have never existed before. With the best products, differentiated technologies, and creative organizational culture, Vieworks is committed to creating a new standard for imaging solutions.

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Vieworks leads the innovation of imaging technologies together with talented individuals who are passionate, creative, and ethical. The company name, Vieworks, combined the words “View” and “Works,” which represents the company’s will to contribute to human society by providing the best imaging solutions.

For the past two decades, Vieworks has developed imaging technologies for the various areas and has offered solutions suitable for the digital X-ray detector, industrial camera, and in vivo imaging system. Based on the accumulated experience, Vieworks has secured its position as a specialized supplier in imaging solutions for the global market.